Since the global pandemic hit in 2020,  Chiquis, Karol G, Prince Royce, and Ovy On the Drums, among others, have opened up about having tested positive for COVID-19 and shared the road to recovery with their millions of followers on social media.

As coronavirus cases and its variants delta and omicron continue to surge in the United States, Latin musicians who have tested positive have taken this opportunity to not only be transparent. They’re also educating their fans and encouraging them to stay home — if they have the option — and urging them to continue to take necessary precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks, and washing your hands to reduce the risk of transmission.

“It’s so frustrating to me to see people at supermarkets without a mask,” Royce previously said in an interview with the Associated Press. “Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna get it. I’m hoping that my story can educate the youth.”

Here are the Latin artists who have opened up about having the coronavirus.


Newcomer Puerto Rican artist Chesca confirmed she tested positive for COVID during the long holiday weekend, sharing a screenshot of her test results and explaining how she caught the virus. “I went to the studio where one of the producers who was there felt sick,” she wrote in Spanish. “I asked him if it was COVID and he said no, that he was hungover. It was COVID and unfortunately, it spread to all of us who were there.” Chesca also noted she has zero to mild symptoms, and that she feels good while quarantined at home in Miami.

Mau of Mau y Ricky

Early last week, Mau Montaner of the urban-pop duo Mau y Ricky headed to Instagram to explain that he was “missing in action” because he’s been recovering from the coronavirus. “A couple of days ago I tested positive for COVID and although I feel very good I have been locked in my house resting and taking care of myself in quarantine,” he wrote. “I have had very few symptoms, thank God, but I wanted to tell you so that you know that I am fine!” In another post, the duo shared a photo of the two brothers “hanging out” during the pandemic. 


Recently, Brytiago opened up about his experience with COVID, telling Billboard that the worst symptoms lasted four days. “The first day I had chills. I felt very weird and had to sleep with a lot of clothes on. The following day I got a fever and began developing a cough. The third day was the worst because I had a fever, headache, congestion, and my lungs hurt. On the fourth day, I began having body aches, my wrists and ankles hurt a lot. During those days, I lost my appetite and didn’t want to eat nor drink water. I finally recovered after a week by taking lots of Acetaminophen, vitamins, and resting a lot,” he said.

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny was forced to bail on his performance at the 2020 American Music Awards on Nov. 22 after testing positive for COVID-19. The Puerto Rican star had been slated to close the AMAs with Jhay Cortez with “Dakiti.” Sources told Billboard Bunny weathered the virus well.

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan took to social media to share her experience with COVID-19 after testing positive on Nov. 8, 2020. “October 30 was the only day I ever went out. I was wearing my mask and I went to a restaurant outdoors with some family. We wore masks all the way to the table and when we left. But [at the restaurant] somebody came up to me when I was eating and tapped me on the shoulder. They had no mask and were very close.” Days later, the “Mi Tierra” singer started experiencing COVID-like symptoms such as losing her taste and smell. “The fear is the biggest part of this whole thing,” she said.

Watch her video statement here.


Melina León

The Puerto Rican merengue singer tested positive in October 2020 while participating in Univision’s reality show Tu Cara Me Suena. A statement from León’s doctor in Miami, Luis Ortiz-Muñoz, said that the singer had been “admitted for viral pneumonia but is stable with good levels of oxygenation. All inflammatory markers are within normal levels, we hope for her speedy recovery.”

Read about her experience here.


Colombian artist Llane, formerly a Piso 21 member, announced he tested positive for COVID-19 in October 2020 while he was participating in Univision’s reality show Tu Cara Me Suena. “Llane is at home and has no symptoms,” noted an Instagram post on the show’s account. Llane also did a video to not alarm his fans, saying he was staying home and taking care of himself.

Watch Llane’s message here.

J Balvin 

J Balvin revealed he was recovering from coronavirus during an acceptance speech he gave at Premios Juventud on Aug. 13. Via a pre-recorded video, Balvin announced, “at this moment, I’m just getting better from COVID-19. These have been very difficult days, very complicated. Sometimes we won’t think that we’ll get it but I got it and I got it bad,” Balvin said. “My message to those that follow me, young fans, and people, in general, is to take care. This isn’t a joke. The virus is real and it’s dangerous.” On Aug. 14, the Colombian superstar took to social media to share additional details of his experience with COVID-19. See the video below.

Aymée Nuviola

Cuban singer and actress Aymée Nuviola announced during an interview with MegaTV on July 29 that she had COVID-19. “It happened a few days ago and luckily, I am in the last stages and recuperating,” she said. “I noticed something was off because I had mood swings, I went from being nervous to wanting to sleep all the time until finally, I lost my senses of smell and taste and so I decided to get the test and it was positive.”


On July 24, the “Jolene” singer shared with her fans on social media that she had tested negative for COVID-19 following her positive diagnosis from earlier this month. “I don’t wish this upon anyone. It’s weird, sad, and an awful thing to have. But I want to share my journey because I want to be transparent and it’s my responsibility. God has given me this platform to talk about these things.” The regional Mexican singer went on to say that she tested positive for antibodies. “I felt confused. I thought I would never be normal again, I was scared. But now I am past this.”

Karol G

The Colombian artist shared during an Instagram live on July 13 that she had tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks prior. “I hadn’t said anything because my parents are far away and I didn’t want them to worry about me,” she explained after stories started circulating that she had contracted the coronavirus. “Because my new single [Ay DiOs Mío] was coming out, I didn’t want coronavirus to be the news.”


Prince Royce

On July 3, Prince Royce shared that he had tested positive for COVID-19 after he decided to take a test because of a persistent headache. In his video posted on social media, he called for others to be aware of the very real dangers of contracting the disease. “It’s so frustrating to me to see people at supermarkets without a mask,” Royce said in an interview with the Associated Press. “Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you’re not gonna get it. I’m hoping that my story can educate the youth, the people that are trying to go out this weekend because of the holiday [Fourth of July].”


Intocable’s frontman Ricky Muñoz shared on Facebook June 30 that several of the band’s members had tested positive for COVID-19. “The members that tested positive were René Martinez, Felix Salinas, Sergio Serna, Johnny Lee Rosas and Juan Hernandez, they have received medical treatment and are in quarantine,” Muñoz said. “We want to wish those that have been affected by coronavirus a speedy recovery.”

Ovy On the Drums

Back in April, producer Ovy On the Drums shared his diagnosis and documented the testing procedure with his more than 1 million followers on Instagram. “I didn’t know I had the virus, but then I started to feel weak mid-March and I had a headache, body aches and chills,” Ovy previously told Billboard. “But I kept working and thinking the mind has power and if I keep saying that I’m sick, I will feel sick, and so I didn’t let my mind go there.” Ovy added, “One day I will tell my kids, ‘Your dad survived the coronavirus.’ I’m one more survivor of the coronavirus.”


Osmani García 

Cuban reggaeton singer and rapper took to social media to confirm that he had tested positive and that he had to be hospitalized because he has chronic asthma. “The first days were hard, I couldn’t breathe and that caused anxiety and I panicked,” he tells Billboard. “I am now recuperating and taking care of myself. But being positive has made me want to take care of myself more than ever, to live more than ever. You realize that everything can change from one day to another. Take this seriously. Let’s take care of each other.”

Plácido Domingo

The opera singer announced on social media on March 22 that he had tested positive and is isolating in self-quarantine. “I experienced fever and cough symptoms therefore deciding to get tested and the result came back positive,” he said. “I beg everyone to be extremely careful, follow the basic guidelines by washing your hands frequently, keeping at least a 6 feet distance from others, doing everything you can to stop the virus from spreading and please above all stay home if you can!”

Johnny Ventura

“It’s time to be thankful, first to God for letting me pass this test and return to life, return to peace. I will forever be grateful,” the merengue singer said in a video. “I also want to thank the first responders, my family, my kids and everyone who prayed for me. We are back with more faith and we will pray for those that need us.” In March, Ventura revealed on social media he had tested positive for COVID-19. He also went on to ask those who had been around him to get tested and isolate.

Juan Pablo Villamil

The Morat band member revealed in a March 26 message from the group that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. The musicians explained that they had been in Spain and Mexico, and upon arriving home in Colombia, they decided to be safe and self-quarantine, noting that they had experienced mild symptoms. “Villa was tested because he had symptoms and was positive for COVID-19. For having been together for 14 days and having some similar symptoms, it’s our responsibility to assume that we all have the virus,” they wrote on their Instagram post. “We have had very mild symptoms. We must be careful not to become contagion agents. We love you and ask you to stay home and listen to what the authorities say.”

Silvestre Dangond 

The Colombian vallenato star tested positive ahead of scheduled concerts in his hometown. He shared the announcement via a video on his Instagram, stating: “I feel very bad, I have a lot of cough and pain.” He told his fans, “I’m going to take care of myself the most I can. The most important thing is that we take care of ourselves and that everyone who was around me in these days goes get tested.”  Watch the video below:


Jhay Cortez

The week of Christmas, and following a streak of concerts in Europe, the Puerto Rican artist tested positive for COVID-19. He made the announcement on Dec. 28, as part of a diss track he was promoting. He explained that even though he tested positive, he worked on his song “Enterrauw,” which was dedicated to Rauw Alejandro (the two artists are the latest to have a tiraera — a rap battle — on social media). “I’m Jordan, I won playing with the flu,” he wrote in the caption.

Natti Natasha

The week of New Year’s Eve, the Dominican artist shared that she, her fiance and manager Raphy Pina, as well as other family members, tested positive for COVID-19. Their baby girl, Vida Isabelle, has no symptoms. “Please, we ask those people who have been close to us in the past 48 hours, to do the test and isolate yourself in quarantine. The COVID pandemic can touch anyone so do not lower your guard, protect yourself and get your vaccine booster,” the artist said in a statement.