New Signee, GeeMunee, is now officially on the roster of Diego Global Distribution. Born and raised in, Savannah, GeeMunee, is striving to become the next best thing. With previous works such as “DG” GeeMunee has begun the leg work to build a brand worth remembering. To date, GeeMunee has very much centered themselves to stand out in comparison with many upcoming artists in similar shoes.

Original artistry seems to be the thing with Diego Global Distribution. They are currently expanding fast and actively looking for new talent to add to their portfolio. GeeMunee even negotiated a very profitable deal compared to many other independent artists. Diego Global Distribution has given exclusive news to our network — they will be covering the “majority” of the costs in contractual agreements on behalf of the artist. This is very significant.

GeeMunee is one to keep your eye on. They’re attracting a big following on social media, particularly Gen-Z fans. People will soon come really engaged with their personal life. 

So, what can we expect next?

After speaking with GeeMunee’s new management team — there is a release tucked somewhere within the next few weeks that will be exclusive to a platform (which we do not know yet). Although we have not received an exact date, we expect it to be one of a kind!

Diego Global Distribution has a client portfolio worth wild for any artist looking to grow at a steady pace. Their team consists of experienced developers and executives who have worked with acts such as Rich The Kid on the track Lost It feat Quavo and Offset, which reached Gold plaque status. Diego Global Distribution prides itself in inking great promotional marketing deals and merchandise factory set deals for upcoming artists that can compete with industry-level agreements without the artist coming out of pocket, much at all. Young Tez has a lot of good things to look forward to. 

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